Thursday, March 5, 2009

Updates of doomery (not a real word)

Wow, I'm on faiiyaaaaaa (fire, you dumbasses). Been actively drawing again today o__o
I'm inspired! So here's my sons and daughters of today =D

"The tired aged-fighter"

Started as a purely random doodle, ended, still a purely random doodle. Plus a random title too =D Wanted to do something 'rough' and bold. With that in mind, my right just moved randomly and produced this piece of *tuuuuuut*.

"A different kind of comfort". Trying to capture the sweetness of such moments :)

I...just....ummmm. Needed to draw this. Bear with it please? ^^;

And finally, a not-new-at-all art.

Oldboy. Err, i mean, old doodles. Old facebook doodle is old.

Old facebook doodles of the yesteryears. These are gifts for Wolfinus, and Yaji.

There's some more drawings i worked on today. These work in progresses shall stay in their respective folders though, meh, mainly cos they're still too incomplete (or more accurately, crappy) to be exhibited in here XD That's all for today's update of doomery. Stay tuned for more artwork from hell. Ciao.

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