Friday, March 12, 2010

24, weird colors, and zero = life is complete

I've been idling from here. For a really long while. Well, at least I'm back with some updates!
No scanners. No cams. Lazy. I'll just get to the abundance of update-worth materials in my sketchbooks some other time. Digitizing can be a pain in the ass X_x

First of all.


Self-present for my 24th bday last year, it was long overdued, and left unfinished. Lost its true purpose as time ran further away from the date it supposed to represent.

In time of need the pic saved our zombies' asses. It became Exdee #5's cover art.

That reminds me. If you haven't got our last installation of Exdee, do yourself a big favor and order one now! PM me for info :P

Next up.

Our love is made of weird, beautiful colors

Trying to let out more with colors. Yosh!

Giftart for my love, Debbie =)


For to those who doesn't keep in touch with the zine-side of Jiwo and obviously didn't snatched Exdee#4, you fail.

But worry not, peasants! I present you, Zero:Black.


Download awesomeness from here.

ps - do I need to tell you people again? Click on images to expand!