Sunday, January 6, 2013

The United States of Unity

I like smiling people. Not a smile, simply put, a facial smile. But smile. You should know what I mean if you are indeed still a fine human being.

Point is, I like, smiling people.

But I also like sad people. For the same strength that holds inside. The same chasm and cackling of their finer machinery, or you would say biology, or psychology, or spirituality. What you should in fact know is that it is far from being simply epidermic.

And so I like, love, adore, smiling people, sad people, crying people, jumping people, Asian, Caucasian, Neil Gaiman, people of the Unified Race of Humanity.

I believe in John Lennon. In the uncorrupted, unbranded, genuine article of the good old religions. In the new beacon of light of the scientific era. In whatever form it chooses to crystallize, but nonetheless, truth; unity.

I believe in truth as the language of unity. Love, unity. Goodness, unity. The forces that inspires us, unites us, that dares to listen and inquire and tolerate and help and be selfless, selfish in the sense of oneness of the all.

What is truthful needs not segregate. The existence of any kind of segregation means there are still truths in the deep, dark, unknown.

And if really we're truthful, we shouldn't be afraid. Celebrate.