Saturday, December 27, 2008

The girl who cried her loneliness away

Feeling much more inspired lately. I gotta sleep early though! Here's a piece, spontaneously titled "the girl who cried her loneliness away". Whatever~

Meh, don't worry, not like I'm emoing or anything. But in some ways, it is a representation of the many times loneliness caught up upon me.

*pats himself*

Haha go me~

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Contengan pemecah kebuntuan

Ought to thank Zid for the thoughts. So here's a fanart of Black Light, a character from his comic of the same title.
Hahahaa sorry that it's just a simple sketch~ Maybe I'll dedicate a proper artwork in the future :D

And umm.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

eXDee #4 @ Comic Fiesta 2008 / Zero:Black

Promo tiem yeah!!

*start of group promotion*

Greetings from the grounds of the dead.

This year the zombies have yet again strived through sweat, blood and tears to bring forth our latest installation of eXDee - eXDee #4! This volume includes works from the zombie crews, yajido, kelzero, jiwo, xilverkit, sly, and zhuleo.

The zine will be priced at RM6, and will be launched on Comic Fiesta 2008. Drop by our grave spot at booth C1 8 & 9 and grab your copy then :)


Sample pages

*end of group promotion*

This time around, I opted to come forth with a remake of an old title, X-Zero, now entitled Zero. The story was independently published in Graveyardstudio's early 2 zines (Free and eXDee #1) a few years back. On the third volume, the continuation came to a halt. Considering the evolution I've went through the years, in terms of art, but most importantly (and beyond saving point), the plot and concept, the story was then no longer relevant.

'Zero' is the one and foremost, most important title for me now. Starting it a few years back might be a mistake on my judgment. Whether or not was it a bad move, the part it played upon in my own progression is a merit, a gigantic one, as this one story's evolution is closely related to my own. Apart from the 2 early episodes being wasted without a place to belong to now (in the story, of course the pages itself belongs to me haha), nothing's lost.

So here comes the brand new, Zero:Black. 'Black' is a standalone episode, an introductionary piece. It serves the purpose of setting the mood onto the story, as well as character definition.

If you have been a follower of Graveyardstudio or (doubtfully) myself, and had gone through the previous X-Zero, I hope this one is much of an improvement for you, as much as it's been for the author. For myself :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The god of death is back

Being a huge fan of OM (office male = guys in office clothes) Wolfie requested an artwork of 'the coolest looking Zero', dressed as an OM. Zero is my old persona; the protagonist of "X-zero", an old title that is under probation until further modifications and refinements.

Everything's done in Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Haha here's your OM Zero, wolfie XD Nomnom at your own discretion. Don't get burned.

Haven't been drawing him until lately. So yeah, he's back :D

The sketch

I guess it's done. For now at least.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yari's "you and me and our little paper plane"

"You click this for fullview", said Capt. Obvious.

Sorry that this came out late, Yaji, Yuri.

Tribute art for their anniversary of some sort. For those who doesn't know the obvious, Yari stands for Yaji+Yuri. Done in photoshop 7.0. Started a while back, but stopped on it after a short session; barely finishing Yuri's character. Picked it up after a long slump and completed it over 2 short, slow sessions.

Enjoyed the whole painting process. Hope you guys can enjoy viewing it as much. Ciao.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Here's some WIPs.

Kinda old, so, much to be dealt with =.=

Giftart for yaji. I'll get to it once some tasks are cleared up. SABA LA WOI!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Belated Bday Woof woof!

Well, finished this quite a while ago, thought wanna do something with it...but it's getting late and there's no time to pick it up yet. I guess i'd post it first anyway?

So yeah, happy belated 22th bday wolfie~ =D
May it be a great year for hunting deers. So you can stop nomnom me and everybody else liao. Hahahaaa.

And, uh. Sorry for the awfully simple art =<

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Project Zomba

Another year gone, the awaited MDeC comic pitch is here again. At first it doesn't seem like we're gonna go for it, since everyone seems to be 'idling' on their lazy ever-growing butts. WAKE UP GUYS! Hahahaha.

Nonetheless, we buckled up at the very last moment and managed to submit something, at the very least.

Project Zomba 2008.

A concept i had in mind for a comic some time ago, originally among the one-shot plans developed for our yearly 'Exdee' zine. The core concept, is about an observer living through time, witnessing the very evolving nature of the world, civilization, and most importantly, the people.

Why a zombie then?

Well, isn't it obvious enough that we're fan of zombies? =D

The initial version of this story was supposed to be heavier, than the one we proposed to MDeC. Obviously because of last years unfortunate rejection of our controversial 'Khalif'; a title developed for last year's comic pitch (samples are viewable at my deviantart gallery). This time around, we decided to tone down a little and try to cater the judging preferences. Hopefully.

So, the 'controversial' elements in the title had to be thrown off. These includes subjects relating to politics, religions, beliefs, among other things. Perhaps there'll be a version of our own in the far future. But for now, 'Zomba' is more of a portrayal of historical happenings and of humanity.

With all those crappings, isn't it proper for me to offer some pictures instead? =D

The legendary-10-minutes cover that sucks absolutely f**king ass.

First page sample.

2nd page sample. The hands with handphones are recycled from an unused test page >:D

Third, non sequential page (to the previous 2), picked from a random scene throughout the comic.

These 2 character sheets are done in a mere few minutes. Dadadaddaaa. They're Yazid and Hasan, respectively.

Character development sketches. Haha whatever.

Thankgod we made through the preliminary rounds, and up for the final pitching. Presentation will be on 27th. Now's the time to kick some serious ass and work damn hard for the grant. Graveyardstudio sure needs this kickstart. Well, not really, but who wouldn't want a 20k fund? Imagine all the food you could eat...Haha seriously. 20k's a big kickstart for a small, unknown group like us.

Anyway, tell me if any of you guys're gonna come for the pitching =D

On another note, my dad's sick of dengue fever. Help pray for his well-being please?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First art dump ever

So she said, "Bulgogi!". Doodle in facebook SuperWall application.

Original composition of the artwork I turned into the blog's header.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Finally opened. As you'd probably known beforehand, bulgogy is a purposely-typoed derivation from 'bulgogi' the korean food. Just a word my retarded housemate repeatedly blurted some time ago; I'm a victim of a brain-damage infection. That's all.

Thinking of a title for the blog (at the time, making the banner), it just came through me subconsciously. And so i brushed it out, spelling it "bulgogy". For no valid reason whatsoever.

"Hey, that seems fitting."

So it came to be.