Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Belated Bday Woof woof!

Well, finished this quite a while ago, thought wanna do something with it...but it's getting late and there's no time to pick it up yet. I guess i'd post it first anyway?

So yeah, happy belated 22th bday wolfie~ =D
May it be a great year for hunting deers. So you can stop nomnom me and everybody else liao. Hahahaaa.

And, uh. Sorry for the awfully simple art =<


Anonymous said...

:3 SO chomel the colours~

Anonymous said...

I LIKE IT! THANKS A LOT! <3 Lab the colors. *sorry cannot type \/* TAT;;;

I will hunt u, not the deers. :P

Adijin said...

Kiut ekspresi gadis ni. Kena pulak dengan baru warna-warni macam pelangi :)

Adijin said...

Ooops! *baju* bukan *baru* :D

kiyaa said...

you have no idea how simple art can look awesome pawsome-ly good. so don't worry about that. =D i do like this one a lot.
on the criticism side, there's something unflattering about the kind of colors you used for the face and that of the yellow in the background. something indecisive about it.
other than that, i'm digging the lines as usual. cheers!