Saturday, December 27, 2008

The girl who cried her loneliness away

Feeling much more inspired lately. I gotta sleep early though! Here's a piece, spontaneously titled "the girl who cried her loneliness away". Whatever~

Meh, don't worry, not like I'm emoing or anything. But in some ways, it is a representation of the many times loneliness caught up upon me.

*pats himself*

Haha go me~


kiyaa said...

don't worry about if people think you're emo-ing, a lot of times depression drives a lot of creativity. =D again, i'm digging your strokes. awesome!

Zid said...

Wah makin senyap lama nih! Takpa, channelkan ke-emo-ness-an tu ke dalam art ko, gerenti power punya.