Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yari's "you and me and our little paper plane"

"You click this for fullview", said Capt. Obvious.

Sorry that this came out late, Yaji, Yuri.

Tribute art for their anniversary of some sort. For those who doesn't know the obvious, Yari stands for Yaji+Yuri. Done in photoshop 7.0. Started a while back, but stopped on it after a short session; barely finishing Yuri's character. Picked it up after a long slump and completed it over 2 short, slow sessions.

Enjoyed the whole painting process. Hope you guys can enjoy viewing it as much. Ciao.


yazid said...

obliketh << word verification sounds like death metal band name.

a barrel of grape juice for ye. screw the rum. me be really thankful. aye.

Anonymous said...

Haha~ And a hello kitty bento on me ^^
Thanks god Jiwo