Monday, March 16, 2009

Rocking zombies!

Our blog/site to be needs a banner. So I'm working on one. By the way, when I say 'our', it means, Graveyardstudio's :P

So, here's a few artwork updates.

"Rocking Zombies" - still a work in progress.

This is for the banner thingy. The characters are representative characters of the zombie crew (zombie is what we call ourselves). From left, Sly, Doo (Xilverkit's), Zhuleo, Yaji, Jiwo, and finally Kill (Kel's). Ref used for guitar and drums. Also for the characters that I'm not sure of (their designs).

Retarded turtle-monster thingy. Just a quickie, nothing much to say about this.

Untitled Khalif artwork WIP.

This will be kept away until I got my monitor repaired. The one I'm using now has been infected by retard virus and is trying to become an hero by getting darker each day. My senses for brightness and color is now distorted thanks to the stupidity of this super awesome triple combo super saiya monitor. Just to let you know, this shit looks almost all BLACK in my monitor. Had to adjust the brightness and color on a friend's pc.

Sinner WIP.

Still very brief. I haven't touched this since the first quick session.

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Adijin said...

WIP Untitled Khalif tu best. Moodnya memang bagus, memang ada rasa suasana perang.