Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just because I'm bored and restless

Jiwo: "Yes, I know. Thank you, um- some...random dude?"

It's just in my mind. Just like everything else.

I need some assurance. Please, God? =(
Meh, ignore my babblings. That and these crappily-made, random artworks.


Completely ignore me all together. Meh.


asukakanzaki said...


SIFUUUU. JANGANLAH MACAM TUUU. Tunjukkan kungfu sifu lagi pls!!

I lovelovelove your B&Ws. Dun stop! And the last pic with the gun at the head, I love that piece. Depressing, emo ke apa, you presented it well. <3

Reminds me of an idea I had a long time ago.... the suicide series... LOL

Ganbateh sifu! XD e

Em said...

The Khalif piece in the previous post is cool man! and these black and white sketches are awesome too.. makes me feel like doing some of these. lol.

Zid said...

Rilek la bro, hadapi semua dugaan dengan senyuman :D

Teruskan berkarya!

azhar said...


semakin hebat mainan digital jiwo nih...

malu aku..sampai la kantoi bab lukis digital..keep it up...nak add kat blog aku link ko nih..


artwork yang ada jiwo!

kiyaa said...

you have got to be kidding me, these are some really interesting pieces.
give yourself more credit, look for assurance in your works, it's staring right back at you. *pats you in the back*

Jiwo said...

Thanks all :)

@kiyaa - well, it was a different kind of assurance.

Emja said...

hi baby

Anonymous said...

... Emja is really in love with you. /gg JIWO! YOU BETTER NOT GIVE UP AH. A LOT PEOPLE LOVE YOUR WORK YOU KNOW??!!! >:(