Thursday, March 5, 2009

Midnight blues~

"The ambiguity of boredom and bullshitdom". Title describes this, nuff said.

Now I'm sleeping late because of an inspiration surge. Well, not really, I slapped myself in the face hard to get my butt off this coffin that's eating my motivation slowly. I have to do something. To distract me from my agonizingly-undetermined path of life.

Not that I'm in a low-ride.

Just, pretty damn unsure :)

"Saving the broken-hearted girl"

Days of recent have been pretty much on the positive light, in fact. As far as how things have gone through, I'd be thankful enough to be able to stand here. And I'm steadily wearing this smile, taking steps, one at a time. Wore it through the tides that came crushing at times. Through tears. And the numbness of pain. I'll wear it as long as it can be.

Go, Jiwo! Go!

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Anonymous said...

T_T I didn't notice this post... *slaps self* ;w;