Saturday, January 28, 2012


Jiwo in effort to fill in what shenanigans he's up to during the quiet times. Part 1 of infinity-i'll-be-damned-before-i-get-this-done.
Lately I haven't been having too much words in my mind too.

Excuse my shortness and poor choice of words. :P

Apostle, children of the masked

Baby blue

Feat kucing nen

Fox dear fox, what game has you

gorls 01

Monokuro! mobile studio 

Philology (A proclaimation of nerdiness) 

All bits are a part of everything =) 

Meta-gestures 0.4 [Culture Shock (Madame Floral's Virgin Voyage)]

Meta-gestures 0.2 [Organic machinery (What had become of us)] 


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