Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Brainplode Stimuli

The Brainplode Stimuli is a portfolio update for the year 2010. Why? Cos I need a job now! HIRE ME! The Brainplode Stimuli is also the title I gave for the piece of artwork made in the purpose of becoming the portfolio's cover.

The Brainplode Stimuli [Shahril Majid's 2010 Awesomefolio]

The Brainplode Stimuli

It is my first personal piece of work on canvas. It was fun. It was challenging. Just what I needed, an escape from the digital medium. Something more tangible. Something that exists in real space; that I would interact with, that I would confront. Something that is 'there'.

It was enlightening.

Don't get me wrong. I love digital. But it's just, two, varying, incomparable subjects. And I'm saying I need a bit of both.

All that, and, I. Need. A. Job. Spread the word people! Spread it like creep tumors!

LINK: Download portfolio from here.


Anonymous said...

Lovely works~<3

*hugs* Ganba! >w</

Tamra said...

I'm glad you posted a download link to your folio.

I absolutely love your line work. Please keep drawing. You have such a unique style. I always know it's yours :>

Also, what type of sketch book do you use?

And good luck with the job hunting!

Dezz said...

....is that thingi his holding a lil bra?

jokes aside... haha, good luck with ur job hunting. n frankly i should start looking for serious job too.

cant remember when was the last time i hold a brush. been ages since i did a real media work... XD