Thursday, July 29, 2010

The dog days are over

Needs to pace up, do stuff, and start living. Really living.

"Work, work!" -- peon


Teh-O said...

did you painted all this? O_O thats so awesome!

kiyaa said...

WAAAAAAAAAH i am completely blown away!

kiyaa said...

as thumbnails the big green cat looks so 3d!!!

Jiwo said...

@teh-o Yaeh, thanks! Keep learning! XD

@kiyaa I guess we're now world's apart cos I'm pretty sure you always blow me far far away with your awesomeness! Haha!

I wanted more interesting textures for the cat, but I really need to get things done =(

Thanks anyway!

Adijin said...

Dude, terlalu hebat ni! Seriously!

Adijin said...

Reminds me of TekkonKinkreet!